Serri Community Accelerator Program

 Serri CAP is a one-stop destination for all your community management needs. We help you drive growth, engagement & monetization through our customized services, mentoring and expert coaching. Also, gain access to our product credits for community management. Network with our partner communities, hire from our talent pool & much more.

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Deshpande startups
Deshpande startups

Increase Community Engagement

Community is the backbone of the web3 ecosystem. You know it. SerriCAP offers you efficient AI community management tools. Our services help you track your community, target your potential community members & strategically plan events to drive growth.   

Serri Grow

Build, Grow & Expand

Yes, have a bird’s eye view of your community activity. Our dashboard helps you access insights, performance statistics & analytics.  Exactly, a report card for your community! Use these metrics to multiply your community in an efficient manner.

SerriCAP-your community coach

Managing communities isn’t a headache anymore. SerriCAP provides you with the best mentors, consulting & resources to help you in & out. Leave it on us, we’ll solve it for you!

Serri Plain & Simple
What kind of communities are you looking to shortlist?

We are open to selecting any web3 community, DAOs, game, music, crypto, NFT communities, etc.

How can SerriCAP help in driving growth & engagement in my community?

 Our community management tools have features like AI-powered chatbots, Audience segmentation & analysis, an analytics dashboard for insights & much more. A complete package to drive growth & engagement for your community.


How are product credits offered under SerriCAP useful for community managemnt?

You can use our product- SerriOS up to a specific credit limit. SerriOS helps you keep a track of your community engagements. Advanced analytics help you understand members’ behaviors & preferences in an anonymous way. Use these insights to provide more value to your community. SerriOS is a  paid product but are exclusively redeemed for communities under SeriiCAP. 

What networking opportunities are offered by SerriCAP?

SerriCAP provides you with immense networking opportunities. Collaborating with our partner communities, external mentors for advisory, hiring web3 folks from our talent pool & much more. There’s more inside!

How can SerriCAP help in monetizing my community?<br />

We can help you organize interest-specific brand events for your members. Commissions through brand marketing, product advertising ,tieups with partner communities can be potential income streams.

How can SerriCAP help us with mentoring?

We will connect you with web3 founders, senior community managers, consultants & growth strategists to guide you throughout SerriCAP.

How long does the shortlisting process take place for SerriCAP?

We will get in touch with the community executives within a week as the applications close.