Serri OS Documentation

Serri OS Documentation


Once the business goes live on WhatsApp Business API, it allows businesses to send pre-approved template messages as notifications to users.

Step-by-step process to create a Carousel message in Serri

DialogFlow Chatbot Vs Serri Chatbot Flows: A Deep Dive

Steps to follow if you wish to unsubscribe to Serri

Check out the correct use of parameters while drafting WhatsApp Template Message

Download & access the Serri App in a single Click on your Desktop devices👇‍

Detailed step by step process to connect WhatsApp Pay with Serri & collect payments right on WhatsApp

Sell 3x more products by creating your own WhatsApp Catalog via Serri.

Here's how to create Facebook/ Instagram Ads that click to WhatsApp

A few template message samples that can help you frame your Template Messages.

Download & access the Serri App in a single Click on your Mobile devices👇‍

Check out how you can create & send template messages with images, video & files in Serri

Must-follow guidelines to create WhatsApp Template messages in Serri

Everything you need to know about how to create WhatsApp Template Messages & get them approved from WhatsApp in one go!

Follow these guidelines by WhatsApp to prevent your WhatsApp API account from getting blocked or marked spam by WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Business API Clients’ Quality Rating shows the message quality that your customer received in the past 24 hours.

Broadcasting rules you need to know when using whatsapp business API

Whatsapp business API has a daily limit on the number of unique users to whom the broadcast message can be sent.

You don't have to procure the whatsapp business API for your brand/business.

Check out the process to downgrade your WhatsApp Business API number

What are the phone number rules for Whatsapp Business API?

Display Name Rules you need to know if using whatsapp business API.

What if the Facebook "Start Verification" button is Greyed out/isn't visible?

Step-by-step process to create Facebook Business Manager account you need to get approved to receive full access of WhatsApp Business API

There are majorly 2 requirements to apply for WhatsApp Business API apart from the Business Registration:

The eligibility criteria for WhatsApp Green Tick after applying for WhatsApp Business API.

How is it different and why should a growing business think more about the API

Whatsapp Business API defines two types of messaging. Here are the rules around these messages

Find out what exactly is the WhatsApp Cloud API & the purpose it served.

What you should know about Whatsapp Business API

How to disable 2 Factor Authentication to migrate to Serri

Steps to verify your Facebook Business Manager Account to get complete access of WhatsApp Business API

Getting started with Serri Platform for your Business

WhatsApp Display Name Verification

Steps to apply for WhatsApp Business API

Steps to easily create an Serri Account for your Business

Tutorial on how to use Flows to create Drag and Drop Chatbot

Access Token & API Secret Key from Shopify

How to create Access Token & API Secret Key from Shopify? (Serri X Shopify)

How to connect your Shopify store with Serri OS? (Serri X Shopify)

Slack Integration with Serri OS

Discord Integration with Serri OS

Telegram Integration with Serri OS