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Networking 3.O

It’s a new form of social networking where you connect and chat with people you don’t know but you should- Wherever they are.

Easy to Use!

No app to download or websites to explore. No lengthy profiles to build. Just message Serrch about what you’re looking for on your favourite social media & get connected.

No need to search through databases, internet & sending emails. Connect with other like-minded folks & help each other in a super effective & efficient way. 

Instant Networking!

Privacy Matters.

No need to pull out favors, fear rejection or broadcast your personal needs to the entire world. Serrich protect your privacy by networking on your behalf.

How Serrch works?

You & your needs

Answer a few basic questions about yourself, your interest areas, expectations & what you’re looking for. You can keep updating from time to time.


Relevant recommendations

Based on your responses, Serrch recommends you to connect with selected, most relevant people from the network.


Match Making
Another person receives a request to connect with you. With mutual consent, matches are made. You can take it forward from there 🙂


For Example

Let’s say, you are new to product design & need someone who can help you get started.

1. Shares your needs with Serrch.

2. Serrch searches through its vast network of friendly product designers.

3. It shares the most friendly profiles with you. You can review & proceed with your favourite ones.

It’s that simple! Really.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Serrch helps?

Serrch helps you meet new people, make friends, and build your network. Serrch is a search assistant that makes it easier than ever to find & meet new people. You can find new mentors, new opportunities or business partners. 

Can everyone use Serrch?

Technically, Yes. However, as of now, we’re early in our journey. We’re focused on getting more web3 folks on network- founders, investors & talents.

How many people do I get to meet

We believe in making meaningful relationships rather than aggressive networking. So, you meet only a limited new friend every week. Note that, one meeting is counted when both of you mutually agree to connect.

How can we get started? how much time does it take?
Click on the ‘Start now’ button & get stared in no-time.
How much does it costs?

Free. Forever. Enjoy 🙂

Founder’s Note

According to a LinkedIn survey,  about 49% of participants said they didn’t have enough time to network. That’s like half of them!

If you’re one of those too, I can relate to you too. There’s some hesitance when you approach someone new. We don’t know whom to reach out. How will they react?

Especially, when it comes to new, exciting niches like web3.

I sometimes feel that half my job as a founder is networking. At Serri & other ventures, most of the hires come through our network. We find business opportunities from the network. We found our first investor via UDCT alumni network.

Serri is introducing search assistants to network on your behalf, privately. It’s awesome. It uses AI & ML to connect you with the most relevant web3 folks you don’t even know exist. I’m super excited for you to try this out!

– Saad Jamal, Founder & CEO, Serri

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