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Find your dream job using the information you share anonymously with our AI powered chatbots. It’s private, simple, and easy to use.
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Introducing SerriBot

Networking 3.O

Easy to Use!

No app to download or websites to explore. No lengthy profiles to build. Just message SerriBot about what you’re looking for on WhatsApp & get connected.
Serri Grow

Effective Matchmaking

Job boards are boring. Emails have a 2-3% open rates. Catch Founders & HRs where they are. 90% read texts within 3 minutes of receiving them. 97% read every text message they receive. Serri directly connects you to decision makers who’re looking for YOU!

Instant Networking!

No need to search through databases, internet & sending emails. Connect with other like-minded folks & help each other in a super effective & efficient way. 
Serri Plain & Simple

Privacy Matters.

No need to pull out favors, fear rejection or broadcast your employment needs to the entire world. SerriBots protect your privacy by seeking jobs on your behalf.

How Serri works?

You & your needs

Answer a few basic questions about yourself, your interest areas, expectations & what you’re looking for. You can keep updating from time to time.

Relevant recommendations

Based on your responses, Serribots recommends you to connect with selected, most relevant people from the newtork.

Match Making
Another person receives a request to connect with you. With mutual consent, matches are made. You can take it forward from there 🙂

For Example

Let’s say, you are seeking a job as a Community Manager. 

1. Shares your needs with SerriBots.

2. SerriBots searches through its vast network of founders for recent job postings for a community manager.

3. It shares the most relevant postings with you. You can review & proceed with selected ones.

It’s that simple! Really.

Serri instant loan

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Serri helps an candidate?
Serri helps you to find jobs, opportunities, mentors, current/past employees, etc. It’s private, simple & fast. To get an invite, signup on the waitlist now.
Can everyone use Serri for job search?
Technically, Yes. However, as of now, we’re early in our journey. We’re only inviting a selected few candidates & startups globally. 
Can we get a whitelablled solution for our alumni?
Yes. It’ll cost extra depending on your choice of platform & customizations asked for.
How can we get started? how much time does it take?
Signup on the waitlist or ask a friend for invite. Answer a few basic questions & get started 🙂
How much does it costs?
Free for now. Enjoy 🙂

Founder’s Note

According to HubSpot, 85% of jobs are filled through networking.

As per a Forbes study, for 78% Of Startups, Networking Is Vital To Entrepreneurial Success.

I personally sometimes feel that half my job as a founder is networking. It’s sure debatable. However, at Serri & my other ventures, most of the hires come through our network. We find business opportunities from the network. We found our first investor via our UDCT alumni network.

According to LinkedIn, although 79% of professionals agree that networking is valuable for career progression, about 49% of participants said they didn’t have enough time to network. That’s like half of them!

If you’re one of those too, I can relate to you too. There’s some hesitance when you approach someone new. Also, often we don’t know whom to reach out to. And, how will they react?

Hence, Serri is introducing AI-based chatbots to network on your behalf. It’s awesome. It uses AI & ML to connect you with the most relevant people you don’t even know exist. I’m super excited for you to try this out!

– Saad Jamal, Founder & CEO, Serri

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