Engage. Grow. Monetise! 

SerriClub is the first AI-powered insights app to help you engage, grow & monetise your community.

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Introducing SerriClub

simple-yet-most-powerful insights app

Know Your Community

Find out more about your users, who they are and what they like. 

Serri Grow

Grow Your Community

Plan your next marketing campaigns around their interests and grow your community.

Engage your community

SerriClub provides you with actionable insights to plan & engage your community. 

Serri Plain & Simple

Monetise Your Community

SerriClub helps you unearth revenue-friendly insights about your community & monetise your community effectively.

How SerriClub works?

Community Setup & launch

Launch SerriBot in your community. It’ll onboard all your members to SerriClub & ask them interesting qustions set by you.

Unearth Insights

While SerriBot interacts with your community members, it extracts interesting, actionable insights about your members’ interests.

Generate Revenue
Use these insights & data to attract better sponsors, engage, grow & monetise community effectively.

For Example

Let’s say, you’ve a 100k members community of web3 enthusiasts.

1. You notice that 33k of your members are interested in NFTs.

2. Now, you can plan content & events around NFTs to engage your audience.

3. You can also plan some valuables paid drops or bring in 3rd party sponsors to monetise your community.

Possibilities are endless!

Just pause & think for a while.

Serri instant loan

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Serri offer?
Serri offers 2 products for community engagement- SerriBot (AI-based networking chatbots) & SerriClub (A mobile app for Community Engagement & analysis)
How can SerriBot help my Community?
As your community grows, engagement slows down. Members find it difficult to trust new, unkown members. With SerriBots, enable inter-community networking & build trust within members. It’s proven that members are more likely to engage with other members they already know.  We hope, it helps ease your job as a Community Manager.
How can SerriClub help my Community?
SerriClub helps you keep a track of your community engagements. Advanced analytics help you understand members’ behaviours & preferences in an anonymous way. Use these insights to provide more value to your community while monetising at the same time.
Is Serri only available on WhatsApp?
No, WhatsApp is just the most demanded interface. Serribots can work with most of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Discord & other which offer chatbot development.
Can we get a white labelled solution for our community?

Yes. Drop a mail at saad@serri.club with ‘White labelled’ as subject line & your contact info in body.

How can we get started? how much time does it take?

Join our waitlist. We’ll help you with access to the app. Then, you can immediately start with our readymade chatbots & setup your community within 3 minutes.

How much does it costs?

We’d be happy to give you a free trial as early-adaptors. Pricing depends on your community size, and choice of platform (Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord, etc). For details, drop a mail at saad@serri.club with ‘Pricing’ as subject line & your contact info in body.

Just in case, Is there any refund policy?

You won’t need it. But, yes. You can cancel your contract and ask for a ‘no-questions asked’ refund anytime within the first three months of use.

This may not be possible for white-labeled products.

Founder’s Note

Hey Community Professionals,

I’ve been into digital communities since last 4 years. Been a part of many communities, I observed some challenges.

Monetising a community is really hard. As community grows it gets harder to know what’s going on in your community, how member’s interests change, etc 

SerriClub solves for this. Introducing AI-based insights app to unearth interesting, actionable insights to help you know, engage, grow & monetise your community.

It’s awesome. It’s a magic wand for a smart community manager. It helps you read minds of your members & make plans that actually work. Like magic!

I’m super excited for you to try this out!

– Saad Jamal, Founder & CEO, Serri

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